The Earthwork Family Weekend is an annual camp for families, designed for children of all ages and open to the public. With a threefold focus on the arts, ecology and community building, the Earthwork Family Weekend provides workshops in songwriting, forest and field ecology, visual arts, dance, theater, plant and animal identification and more, as well as group circles of sharing, team building games and exercises, concerts and a talent show open to all that never ceases to bring the barn down.
Family Weekend is all about:
Creative Empowerment!
Ecological Education!
Community Building!

We will share in the creation of puppets, paintings, drawings and all kinds of visual art all weekend long! We will be moving and shakin' with dance, theatre, and games.

We will be able to participate in the writing, performing and recording of original songs, and will go home with a CD! (Each year at least three songs are collectively written, recorded and performed at F.W. on Saturday and on Sunday we duplicate CDs and make original album cover art!)

We will drum together and discover our natural rhythms.

We will all be able to speak and be heard and also to listen to everyone in the circle as we group up and check in throughout the weekend.

We will learn about the plants and animals native to this farm and this region and look into the interconnectedness of the living world.

We will all be able to perform at the Talent Show on Saturday night! Featuring the most enthusiastic audience since Frampton Comes Alive!

We will learn primitive and practical skills like starting a fire without matches, organic gardening or the art of dishwashing!

We will serve dinner on Friday, breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. We offer healthy, fresh, vegetarian meals and seek local organic ingredients as much as possible.
Family Weekend is a wonderful way to meet new friends, bring art and the creative process further into your home and cultivate deeper connections.

We hope you can come and share with us!

Earthwork Farm
4399 N. 7 Mile Road
Lake City, MI 49651
Aren't attending with children? Do you want to volunteer? We could use help in the kitchen during the weekend.

Please e-mail with the subject line
~volunteering at family weekend~
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